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Fall Had To Know The Small Recipe For Sesame Oil

- Sep 26, 2017 -

    The northern hemisphere cooler weather into the autumn season, when the weather transfer handover when some people will feel itchy throat, poor lungs, there are some people susceptible to cold, cough can not cure.Today, Shermark will tell you  a small recipe of diet, only need eggs and gold sesame oil can help you improve the health of the more common problems in autumn.Are you ready? Enter today's sesame oil class. Sesame oil honey fried egg treatment problems that plague you for a long time.

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The specific method of operation is as follows : 

    Take 5 eggs, 120 grams of honey, 120ml of sesame oil. Will sesame oil and honey pot fried into the eggs after the boiling, and then fry until the egg cooked, remove the eggs to be fasting when eating, 1 day, can even serve a few days.If you think this method is too much trouble, or for several days to eat eggs feel bored, then you can do the way to drink to take.Boil the water, pour into the broken eggs quickly stir, and so the egg soup cool some to 50 degrees or so, add honey and sesame oil each two spoon, stir again.


    Let us in a slightly cooler season to a sesame supplements, hope to help you solve the current problems. If you want to buy our sesame oil, please visit our official website: www.topsesameoil.com, we are willing to serve you.

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