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Effect And Function Of sesame Oil

- May 01, 2018 -

     Sesame seed oil, referred to as sesame oil, commonly known as vegetable oil, that is, sesame oil with strong or significant fragrance. In the process of processing, the special ingredients in sesame are processed by high temperature stir frying, and the special flavor is produced. The sesame oil has a unique flavor and is different from other kinds of edible oil, so it is called fragrant oil. According to the processing technology, incense has not been divided into two kinds: sesame oil and sesame oil.Sesame oil not only has many medical functions, but also has good cosmetic effects. It can moisturize the skin and prevent dry and dry skin. Especially in the dry season now, your skin needs more fragrant oil to moisturize and maintain.

     Makeup remover oil: a few drops of fragrant oil on your finger, gently massage with finger belly, and use a steamed face or towel to remove the dirt from the naked eye in the pores, increase the gloss and elasticity of the skin, nourish the skin, and remove the fine wrinkles.

    Daily lip protection: when the weather suddenly turns cold, cold or bad intestines and stomach is not good, some people often crack the lip, at this time, in addition to drinking water, just wipe the oil to solve the problem.

    Daily skin care: smear the facial skin on the surface of the facial skin to gently massage the face to make it fully absorbed, so it is beneficial to keep the moisture and nourish the skin, and then apply the hot towel to the face. It can remove the dirt in the pores to make the skin glossy and elastic, eliminate the wrinkles and spots or make the spots fade and slow the aging of the skin.

    Daily hair care: after shampooing, a small amount of oil is injected into the basin. Once rinsed, the oil will be evenly attached to the hair, or dripping directly into the palm of the palm. Often it can make the hair glossy and beautiful and prevent the hair from withering and yellow.

    Anti crack and antipruritic: in dry autumn and winter, it can prevent the chapped skin and the itching caused by too little sebum secretion. It can also protect the baby's skin, and apply this product in the underarm hips of the baby. It can prevent the baby's skin from drowning in urine or perspiration, and the baby's body is marinating red (prickly heat), and applying oil to the affected part can quickly recover.

    Delaying senescence: sesame oil is rich in vitamin E, which has the function of promoting cell division and delaying senility.

    Protective blood vessels: oil contains about 40% linoleic acid, palmitic acid and other unsaturated fatty acids, easy to be decomposed and utilized by human body to promote the metabolism of cholesterol and help to eliminate the sediment on the arterial wall; sesame oil is a kind of procoagulant for the treatment of haemorrhagic purpura and hemorrhagic quality. A certain effect.

    Smoking and alcohol poisoning: people who have smoking habits and alcoholics often drink some oil, which can reduce the direct stimulation and damage to the teeth, gums and oral mucosa, and the formation of lung spots, and also have a relative inhibitory effect on the absorption of nicotine. Drinking sesame oil before drinking can protect oral cavity, esophagus, stomach and gastric mucosa.

    Protect your voice: often drink sesame oil can enhance the elasticity of the vocal cord, make the glottis stretch and be flexible and powerful, and have a good recovery effect on hoarseness and chronic laryngitis.

   The lecithin extracted from sesame oil is the best ingredient for longevity, and is the best winter supplement for the middle-aged and the elderly.Sesame oil is beneficial to digestion and absorption of food. It has the functions of delaying aging, protecting blood vessels, moistening intestines and relaxing the bowels, reducing alcohol and tobacco poisoning, and protecting the voice.It can improve oral ulcers, periodontitis, gingival bleeding and throat inflammation.


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