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Differences Between Sesame Oil And Common Sesame Oil

- Jul 09, 2018 -

    According to the flavor characteristics of sesame oil, it can be divided into two categories: sesame oil and common sesame oil.

1, sesame oil: has strong or significant sesame oil fragrance.

According to its processing technology, it can be divided into the following two kinds: grinding sesame oil: grinding with small stone mill and producing by water generation; the mechanism of sesame oil is produced by mechanical method.

2, common sesame oil: the fragrance is light. It is processed by general crushing, leaching or other methods.

Preprocessing procedure

1)the production process of sesame oil is to select and wash sesame seeds, remove impurities and some harmful substances to human body by washing, then drain at 2 o'clock. During the 2 hour draining process, the sesame seeds are in the state of germination and growth because of the sufficient moisture absorption of sesame seeds. After biological respiration, many organic substances beneficial to the human body are activated, but an important index for evaluating the functional nutrients of the sesame oil.

2) the press process is only after a simple screening, that is, to roasted, sesame seeds can not form a beneficial active substance for the human body because of the lack of early stage of soaking and germination, so that some special functions such as protecting blood vessels and delaying senescence can not be played.


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