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Delicious Approach To Sesame Paste Pies

- Jan 15, 2018 -

    In addition to sesame sauce can be used as a hot pot, we can also use it as the staple food - pie.Next, let's share with you the process of making sesame paste cake.

1. First ,we pour the flour into the container.

2. Pour boiling water, stir well, then pour cold water into the dough.

3. Wake up thirty minutes, remove, roll long.

4. Roll into a large square.

5. Sesame paste sauce, oil and sugar mixed, and then painted in the patch, the best tune into thick juice better smear.

6. Then cut a hole from one end, rolled up along the side.

7. Next rolled into a group.

8. Finally ,roll into thin slices, put the pan cooked to cooked.

Is it very easy?Let's do it now!


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