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Cool Summer Black Sesame Ice Cream

- Jun 02, 2018 -

    Today I will show you how to do cool summer black sesame ice cream.First of all, let's see what raw materials we need.We need milk 180ml, egg yolk two, black sesame powder or black sesame sauce 50g, sugar 45g, cream 120g.

    Next, let's do it together!

    1.Make black sesame powder first. If you feel this trouble, buy black sesame sauce can also be done with black sesame paste. Wash black sesame seeds and stir fry them in small pot, then put them in a broken wall machine to make black sesame powder.


    2.Milk, yolk and sugar in the milk pan, stir evenly. Place on a fire with a minimum of heat while stirring. The mixed egg milk pulp is more thick and thicker, with a thick egg milk paste on the scraper and a mark with the hand, the trace will not disappear, and the egg milk pulp is done well.

    3.Add a small amount of egg milk to the black sesame powder several times and stir it into black sesame paste. And then sift.After sifting, mix well again, wrap the preservative film in the refrigerator and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

    4.Do it today with an ice cream machine. Bai Cui bread machine can also make ice cream. Friends with ice cream can clean the ice cream bucket in advance, and put them in the fridge for a night. Then take it out and pour the black sesame milk paste into the ice cream bucket. Cover the lid and open the switch. Pour the cream into the cream and stir the ice cream machine for 20 to 30 minutes.

    5.I stirred the black sesame ice cream for 30 minutes, stirring until the ice cream thickened. Then pour the ice cream paste into the lunch box. Cover the lid and put it in the fridge until it is hard enough to eat.The ice cream just taken is relatively hard. You can dig balls for 5 to 10 minutes at room temperature.


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