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Commonly Used Sesame Diet Therapy

- Sep 26, 2018 -

Commonly used sesame diet therapy is as follows:

1, Cure dry cough: black sesame 120 grams, white sugar 30 grams. Stir fry and mix well.

2, Treat bloody stool: black sesame 500 grams, red pond 500 grams. Stir fry and dip into the red pond, stir evenly and eat at will.

3, Treat blood: drink sesame oil, take three times a day, 10 milliliters each time. Children halved.u=287099568,2528673518&fm=26&gp=0.jpg
4, cure the sores: sesame seed tamping external application.

5, Cure spider bites and insect bites: use oil sesame seed to rot and apply externally.

6, Treat stroke hemiplegia: Sesame shell 15 grams, use wine to fry clothes, take it sweating.

7, Scalding fire: Sesame shell burning, thin, apply with sesame oil. If there are local exudation and moisture, dry ends can be applied to the surface.

Other sesame treatment side:

1, 150 grams of black sesame, stir fry at the end of the trial, each time with yellow rice wine to wash 10 grams, such as adding pig hoof soup to serve better, less milk.

2, Black sesame, stir fry the hot end, apply the clear oil to the affected area to treat the breast sore.

e494e2f4403942a5adc4057dfc1d98dd.gif3, Black sesame 15 grams, washed out of water clothes, or 50 grams of water fried empty stomach, treatment of defecation impacted.

4, 100 grams of black sesame, 30 grams of rock sugar, a total of mashed, each time washed 15 grams of water, sooner or later each time, dry cough.

5, Black sesame stalk 120 grams, water fried, adjust the winter honey appropriate amount of clothing, three times in a row, treatment of elderly people's constipation.

6, Black sesame 30 grams, water fried and dregs, add a little sugar, once taken on an empty stomach, to treat pinworm disease.

7, A  fresh sesame leaf, boiled water instead of tea drink, heat stroke, dizziness, thirst.

8, Fresh sesame tender stems and leaves 60 grams, water fried and sugar clothing, treat hematemesis.未命名_副本.jpg
9. Black sesame, Shouwu, etc., grinding powder, refined honey into pills, each pill weighs 6 grams, take one pill three times a day, for several months, can be treated with early whitening, hair withered off.

10. Black sesame, Radix Polygoni Multiflori and Fructus Lycii, 25 grams each, 15 grams of chrysanthemum, decocted in water, one dose a day, dizziness due to deficiency of the kidney, early white hair.

11. Sesame 20 grams, South almond 15 grams, altogether mashed boiled water flushing; or Decoction plus a moderate amount of ice sugar, a daily dose, cough without sputum.

12, Sesame and ginger each 25 grams, 1 Trichosanthes, water decoction, a daily dose, treat chronic tracheitis.

wn0Q-fyskeuc2933085.gif13. Wash and stir-fry the black sesame, add walnut meat and other quantities, grind the end, each time two tablespoons, morning and evening take one time, with honey water or sugar water to serve. After treatment, the body is weak, kidney deficiency, waist ache, dizziness, dry stool.

14, Stir fry sesame seeds, add proper amount of salt, study the thin ends together, and cook the eggs with sesame seeds for consumption.

15. Sesame 1 kg, early rice 1 kg, placenta 1 (baked), a total of fine grinding, refined honey for pills, each pill weight 10 grams, one pill each time, twice a day, boiled water to take. Treat impotence, waist and leg soft, dizziness, tinnitus.

16, Sesame gruel: black sesame, proper amount of rice, congee. Add sugar to eat. It has the functions of moistening five zang organs, strengthening bones and muscles, replenishing qi and strengthening stomach and intestines. It is applicable to dizziness, blood loss, early white hair, dry stool, body deficiency, constipation, and so on. Those with loose stools or diarrhea should not be used.

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