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Chinese Sesame Producers Briefly Introduce The Use Of Chinese Black Sesame Seeds

- Jan 05, 2019 -

     Hurricane cake believes that many babies have eaten it, soft, sweet, is the favorite of children. There was a time when the girl of Sesame.com was especially fond of eating. I went to the bakery every day to buy it. After I bought it, I couldn’t finish it. Finally I went into my stomach. For a while, I The weight of the body went up. Later, I thought about doing it for the children at home.
     In addition to the original hurricane, the children love cocoa. He likes to eat chocolate. If he encounters chocolate-related food, he will like it very much. From time to time, he will take the initiative to ask me to make a cocoa-flavored cake. I used to like the hurricane of original flavor, yoghurt flavor and jujube taste, and recently fell in love with the hurricane of black sesame flavor. The first attempt was first attracted by its color, and then deeply infatuated with its taste. The black sesame hurricane is still very soft and delicate, compared with the original taste, this with a strong sesame flavor, let you eat after I will fall in love with it, and friends who like black sesame must try it for themselves!

      Chinese Black Sesame Seedscontains a lot of fat and protein, and also contains vitamin A, vitamin E, lecithin, calcium, iron, chromium and other nutrients. It has the functions of lowering blood fat, strengthening stomach, protecting liver, promoting red blood cell growth, anti-aging and prolonging life, and also increases melanin in the body, which is beneficial to hair growth. Therefore, Chinese Black Sesame Seeds are called excellent health and beauty foods. Of course, good foods must be eaten regularly, and they have to be changed to different foods. The most common way to eat them is to make sesame paste, which can be drunk with boiling water. It is simple and convenient. After many times, I found that my dad often forgets to drink. If I am not on a business trip, I can always remind me that I will not remember when I am busy on a business trip. Sometimes a message is sent to remind him that it is too much trouble to brew outside. In the face of such a situation, you can't force yourself to think of other better ways to eat. After many trials, it was found that it was easily made into cakes, breads, and steamed buns.


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