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Chinese Black Sesame Factory Tell You How To Eat Black Sesame Seeds.

- Sep 25, 2018 -

u=3553847359,2739151832&fm=26&gp=0.jpg 1.Sesame cake: 100 grams of black sesame, 150 grams of honey, 200 grams of corn flour, 500 grams of white flour, 2 eggs, 1.5 grams of baking powder. The black sesame is fried and fragrant, ground, and mixed with corn flour, honey, flour, egg liquid, baking powder, water and dough, fermented at 35 C for 1.5? 2 hours, steamed in the drawer for 20 minutes. It has the functions of strengthening stomach, protecting liver and promoting red blood cell growth.

2.Black sesame paste: 60 grams of black sesame and mulberry, 30 grams of rice and 10 grams of white sugar. Wash the rice, black sesame and mulberry separately, mash them together in a stone bowl, put 3 bowls of water in a casserole, boil them, put in sugar, and then slowly mix the mashed rice paste into a paste. This paste can nourish the liver and kidney, moisten the five zang-organs, dispel rheumatism and clear the deficiency fire. It is often taken to treat the deficiency after illness, whitening and dizziness due to  oindqex.jpgdeficiency wind.

3.Black sesame jujube porridge: 500 grams of Japonica rice; black sesame fried fragrance, ground into powder, pot water hot, the japonica rice, black sesame powder, red jujube into the pot, first with a big fire boiling, boiled into porridge in a small fire, when eating sugar seasoning can be. Characteristics: fragrant, sweet and delicious, with nourishing liver and kidney, dark hair and other dietary effects.

4.Sesame and walnut porridge: 50 grams of black sesame, 100 grams of walnut kernels, together with mashed, plus a moderate amount of rice and water into porridge. This gruel nourishing liver and kidney has a therapeutic effect on secondary cerebral atrophy.

u=3870938787,1262542961&fm=26&gp=0.jpg5.Sesame fungus tea: raw black fungus, stir-fried black fungus each 30 grams, stir-fried black sesame 15 grams, a totalf grinding, bottled for reserve. Each time, take 5 grams, boiling water instead of tea. This tea can cool blood and stop bleeding, and has therapeutic effects on blood heat, blood in stool and dysentery.

6.Sesame and almond honey: 500 grams of black sesame, fried fragrant grinding powder, 100 grams of sweet almond, mashed into mud, and white sugar, honey each 125 grams, placed in a porcelain pot, steamed in water for 2 hours, off the fire, cooling. 2 times a day, 2? 4 spoons, warm boiled water. It can nourishing liver and kidney, moistening lung and relieving cough, and is a dietary therapy for bronchial asthma patients.

7.Sesame Wuwei Pueraria Root Dew: Pueraria 250 grams, Schisandra 125 grams, a total of two times into the pot water frying, slag and juice, with the fried black sesame, honey 250 grams each, placed in a porcelain pot, covered, steamed in water for 2 hours, off the fire, cooling, bottled. Take 1 spoonful 3 times a day. It has the functions of nourishing kidney and nourishing heart, cooling blood and stopping bleeding, moistening dryness and promoting saliva. Patients with arteriosclerosis who suffer from blood heat, dry and constipation are often good for food.

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