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Chinese Black Sesame Factory Briefly Describes The Effect Of Black Sesame On Pregnant Women

- Sep 21, 2018 -

China is rich in black sesame nutrition, so as a special group of pregnant women can eat sesame? What is the benefit of pregnant women to eat sesame? Sesame nutrition is rich, pregnant women during pregnancy to eat a proper amount of sesame for the healthy growth of the fetus and pregnant women themselves are good.

1.beauty effect Chinese Black Sesame Seeds contains vitamin E, which ranks first among plant foods. Vitamin E can promote cell division and postpone cell senescence. Regular diet can counteract or neutralize the accumulation of "free radicals" in cell senescence, and play an anti-aging and life-prolonging role.

2. Chinese Black Sesame Seeds contains folic acid, which is not only the raw material for hematopoiesis, but also an indispensable nutrient for fetal neural tube development. A woman who eats sesame every day before she gets pregnant can avoid neural tube deformities by sticking to it for three months.

3.most of the fat in Chinese Black Sesame Seeds is unsaturated fatty acids. Before pregnancy 30 weeks ago, there must be fat accumulation in the maternal body to prepare for future childbirth. Therefore, pregnant women may wish to eat more sesame seeds in peacetime.

4. Chinese sesame is rich in fat, protein, sugar, sesamin, lecithin, calcium, iron, selenium, linoleic acid and other nutrients, mashed sesame, mixed with a moderate amount of sugar, a cup of boiled water each day, in the afternoon, can enhance the resistance of pregnant women and prevent colds, but also prevent infants from skin diseases.


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