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China's Sesame Oil Producers Remind The Four Taboos Of Sesame Oil Consumption

- Sep 29, 2018 -

Nutritional components of sesame oil:
     Whether it is machine-pressed sesame oil or mill oil, its fatty acids are 35.0-49.4%, linoleic acid 37.7-48.4%, arachidonic acid 0.4-1.2%. The digestibility of sesame oil reached 98%. Sesame oil contains not only harmful ingredients, but also vitamin E and linoleic acid.

    Sesame oil is rich in nutrition, so what are the taboos when it is consumed?

Edible taboo of sesame oil:
    1, people with dysentery can not eat sesame oil.
    2, sesame oil can not eat more.

    3, patients with acute gastroenteritis can not eat sesame oil.
    4, people with severe diarrhea can not eat sesame oil.

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