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Black Sesame, You Only Know That It Will Turn Black When It Is Raised?

- Nov 02, 2018 -

     We all know that Roasted Black Sesame Seed are very rich in nutrition. There are not many people who  often eat in life. When I am cooking, I occasionally add some black  sesame seeds to embellish. In fact, black sesame seeds can be eaten directly, and its nutritional value will be higher after grinding into powder. The nutrients of black sesame seeds are not much to say, and its efficacy is even more amazing.

    1. The hair becomes dark. On  this point, everyone knows very well, because black sesame seeds are  rich in melanin, hair is yellow or whitish people often eat, can  supplement the body's melanin, let our Roasted Black Sesame Seedhair look black and shiny, but  the object is extremely counter-productive More  will accelerate the baldness, because excessive consumption of black  sesame will cause endocrine disorders, causing hair greasy, withered,  falling off!

    2, soften the blood vessels. Black  sesame can soften blood vessels because it is rich in potassium, which  is very beneficial to the health of the heart and can make the heart  contract more powerful! It also balances water inside and outside the blood vessels to stabilize blood pressure.

    3, beauty and beauty. If  you eat black sesame regularly, you can make your skin slippery.  Especially those who are habitual constipation often eat some black  sesame seeds, which will relieve laxatives, excrete toxins from the  body, clean the intestines, and the skin on the face will also Better,  the color will be better, and the hemorrhoids and acne will be  alleviated. Even the black sesame seeds that people with rough skin will  get very delicate and smooth.

    4, calcium supplementation. Another  function of black sesame is calcium supplementation, which contains a  certain amount of calcium in addition to rich potassium. Middle-aged  and elderly people use a handful of fried black sesame seeds every day.  If they are eaten regularly, they can reduce calcium loss and prevent  osteoporosis.
    Black sesame has so many benefits, so how to eat it? I  usually fry the black sesame at home and let it cool. I put it in the  crisper, and once a week, the black sesame seeds will be sesame paste.  These are all OK, but don’t go to the supermarket to buy those. Ready-made, because many of them have additives inside, but they are not good for drinking. What do you think?

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