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Black Sesame Seeds In The Difference Between White Sesame Seeds

- Jul 28, 2017 -

Black sesame seeds with higher levels of trace elements, with nourishing liver and kidney, the role of hair fat hair can be clear, and most people into the elderly, they will feel dim eyes, or deafness, which is mainly due to Liver and kidney deficiency, kidney essence caused by deficiency. At this point, if you can eat some fried black sesame seeds, you can delay and control the eyes dim.

White sesame laxative, Ziyin moisturizing effect better. The problem is that sesame seeds must be fresh, if there is no fresh smell, it will lose nourishing effect.

Second, the sesame seeds are black, white points, black sesame seed tonic effect than white sesame seeds to be stronger, is a good anti-aging food. Black sesame seeds not only the effectiveness of hair, according to contemporary medical research results show that black sesame seeds in the vitamin E is also very rich, can make the color luster, anti-aging. However, breast cancer and other patients with vitamin E can not eat a large number of black sesame seeds.

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