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A Very Delicious Sesame Cake For Home Bake Way

- May 23, 2018 -

   The sesame cake I made today is really super delicious because I'm in a hurry, so I add it too fast and don't look good. But the taste absolutely pulls the hotel a few streets,hahaha.....

  First of all, it is the preparation of the raw material.

Water chestnut powder 250g

Black sesame seed 200g

Glutinous rice flour 50g

Water 1300ml

Sugar 300g

1.Sesame stir fry, stir fry to smell fragrance


2.Add 1300ml water, sugar, sesame and glutinous rice flour to the soymilk maker. Make a paste. If you want to be beautiful, after cooking, filter as long as water, do not slag. I eat at home and do not pay attention to appearance

3.The water is cool and the water chestnut powder is added until the water is uniform.

4.Steamed in a boiling water pot, first steamed a layer, solidified and put another layer. How many layers of steam you want to steer, do not pursue the taste of a direct steaming can also be.

TIP:Make sure to put glutinous rice flour so that it is especially fragrant. Till cool and then you can cut it.


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