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A Small Recipe For Sesame Oil Treatment Of Anemia

- Sep 14, 2017 -

   We all know that some diseases are chronic and irrelevant, but medication is not a long way. Today we use anemia as an example to teach you how to treat anemia through the fragrant sesame oil.Today, this dish is called saute sesame oil.

   This saute the sesame oil beef takes about 90 minutes, the amount of food is the amount of food.Maybe you need 60 minutes of preparation time.On the material, the most important thing is to prepare 1000g of stone sesame oil, and then prepare 100g sugar, 100g salt, 25g spiced powder, 15G chili powder, 100g ginger, 200g onions, 15g pepper powder, 300g cooking wine and 2500g beef.In the course of cooking need to pay special attention to the beef slices to be uniform thickness, beef under the sesame oil do not blow too long.


1. Bovine lean meat tick ticks, wash the blood, cut into 1 cm thick pork slices, add salt, ginger, onion, pepper, cooking code code 1 hour, remove the drain water.

2. beef slices into the steam in the steam for 1 hour, remove the Liang Liang, cut into 4 cm long bar, add fermented glutinous rice juice yards even stand.

3. pot on the fire, add stone sesame oil till 70% heat, into the beef fried for 30 seconds, with a colander; another pot into the beef, spiced powder, pepper noodles, pepper noodles, sugar and a little fermented glutinous rice Juice stir well, add MSG can be.


Eat  the dishes can prevent anemia, lower blood sugar, high blood pressure, hope to help you.

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