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A Cold Pressing Process For Identifying Good Sesame Oil

- Jul 16, 2018 -

     In order to compare the effect of sesame oil and sesame cake on the quality of sesame oil and sesame cake, the quality of sesame oil and sesame cake were analyzed by using the whole seed skin white sesame and whole seeded white sesame seed, and the quality of sesame oil and sesame cake were analyzed. Ratio. The results showed that the quality indexes such as color, acid value and peroxide value of cold pressed sesame oil were obviously superior to the national standard of hot pressed sesame oil and sesame oil, and the acid value of the cold pressed sesame oil was lower than that of the whole seed, but the peroxide value increased, and the content of VE and the content of sesamol in the cold pressed sesame oil were more obvious than that of the hot pressed sesame oil. The content of sesamin increased and the oxidation induction time shortened obviously, and the content of tocopherol in the cold pressed sesame oil was lower than that of the whole seed, and the content of sesamin and sesamol increased and the time of oxidation induction was slightly prolonged. No matter whether the seed or peeled sesame seeds are cold pressed, the shape is basically intact except for the degree of fullness before pressing. The crude fat content of desquamation cold pressed sesame cake was 16.63%, the crude protein mass fraction was 54.09%, and the protein solubility NSI was 23.50%. Sesame peeling and cold pressing can not only get light, clear and clear sesame oil, but also get high protein content and good functional sesame protein.

   Cold pressing of sesame seeds: according to the quality characteristics of sesame oil and the technological requirements for the low residual oil of cold pressed sesame, the cold pressing method of multiple pressing is designed. Taking a certain amount (about 2kg) of depeeled sesame and unpeeled sesame, we put it in a white fine cotton cloth bag and put it into the squeezing chamber with vertical oil crevice in the Korean hydraulic press. Under the condition that the pressure is less than 50 degrees and the pressure of the press rises to 50MPa, it is squeezed about 25min, then the pressure is unloaded and the compacted sesame from the squeezed chamber is removed. The bag is loosened by hand, then pressed into the press chamber again, so that it is pressed 3~6 times, and the cold pressed sesame cake is finally obtained. The sesame seeds in the cold pressed sesame cake are still intact, but their plumpness is less than that of the unpressed sesame seeds. The components of crushed cold sesame cake were detected and the quality of each pressed oil was tested after mixing.


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