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What factors affect the yield of natural sesame seed ?

- Aug 18, 2018 -

    In many rural areas in the north, every household will grow a little sesame, sesame not only can pick sesame leaves to eat, but also can squeeze oil to eat. Speaking of sesame leaves, many rural people like to eat, including me. If you want to eat sesame leaves, farmers need to remove the leaves from sesame seeds.

   Some people said that after the leaves of sesame were removed, they would no longer compete with sesame pods for nutrition, which was conducive to the increase of sesame yield. It is also said that sesame leaves will be cut off after the production. After sesame leaves are removed, are they reducing production or increasing production?

   In fact, when natural sesame seed is growing, it is necessary to photosynthesis through the leaves, so that the accumulation of dry matter sesame, sesame pods, so as to achieve a high yield. If the leaves were removed, photosynthesis would be affected, and the light coefficient would be reduced, which would inevitably affect the yield of sesame.

  But sesame leaf picking is not without certain reason, can be the lower part of the sesame old leaves, yellowing leaves to be removed, will not have any impact on the yield of sesame. In fact, excessive leaf removal of sesame, will certainly have an impact on the yield of sesame, appropriate leaf removal is no problem.


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