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What are the precautions for the white peeled sesame storage environment?

- Oct 15, 2018 -

      Chinese White Peeled Ripe Sesame storage environment to avoid high temperature an humidity, for food processing plants, how to stack storage after  purchase, you need to be cautious!

     White sesame is high in oil, small in size, thin and tender in skin, and easily absorbs water to cause rancidity. In addition, the crevice has a small void, the pile is not loose, and it is prone to heat and mildew in the hot season. Strictly control moisture, reduce dust impurities, and avoid high Chinese White Peeled Ripe Sesametemperature and humidity environment storage. The  safe moisture of Chinese white peeled ripe sesame is 7-8%. More than 9% of it is  unsafe water, which is prone to mold. Excessive temperature will cause  white peeling and sesame water loss and dryness. Any  increase in the temperature and humidity of the Chinese white peeled ripe sesame can  promote the vigorous breathing of the Chinese white peeled ripe sesame, which  increases the temperature and humidity. The humidity and temperature of sesame can affect each other and complement each other. In  the winter, at low temperatures, the Chinese white peeled ripe sesame which  are unsafe for moisture can be safely stored. When the storage is closed  at low temperatures in winter, it is generally safe to use summer. In the summer, at high temperatures, sesame seeds with safe moisture may also undergo mildew. Therefore, the standard for safe humidity should be based on a certain temperature. At  the same time, the impurities should not exceed 4%, and the non-ripe  grains should be below 3%, so that it can be stored in the warehouse. During  storage, in order to maintain a certain degree of porosity in the  packaged white peeled sesame seeds, do not step on the linen bag and  check it frequently.

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