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What are the benefits of eating roasted black sesame seed?

- Nov 20, 2018 -

       In terms of kidney and black hair,Roasted Black Sesame Seed  are well-known. In fact,Chinese Black Sesame Seeds can also remove blood cholesterol, maintain blood vessel elasticity, and prevent atherosclerosis.

       Lecithin contained in black sesame is also the backbone of decomposition and cholesterol reduction.Eat more Roasted Black Sesame Seed to lower cholesterolhttp://5b0988e595225.cdn.sohucs.com/q_70,c_zoom,w_640/images/20180115/0eb6909e5d934d2d8617264a7dd6501d.gif      On  the other hand, lecithin is one of the components in bile. If the  cholesterol in the bile is too high and the ratio of bile acid or  lecithin in the bile is out of balance, gallstones are easily formed. Therefore, eating Roasted Black Sesame Seed can prevent the formation of gallstones.
      In  traditional Chinese medicine consumption methods, black sesame seeds  are mostly fried, then ground and eaten, or black sesame seeds when  porridge.
     Dr. Zhuang pointed out that it is  now popular to eat grain soy milk, using soymilk to make soybeans, red  beans and other cereals into a slurry, and then put some black sesame  seeds, which can enhance physical strength. It is said that  the ancient Roman gladiators spent more than one hour before the  physical struggle, each person should eat 0.5 kg of Chinese Black Sesame Seeds to increase  physical strength. In addition, it can also tonify kidney, black hair, and protect blood vessels.
      Chinese medicine believes that black sesame is flat and suitable for most people. You can eat 15 to 30 grams each time depending on your personal preference.
      It  should be noted that eating Chinese Black Sesame Seeds can only be an auxiliary diet  for lowering blood fat, and it cannot be used instead of drugs.

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