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The origin of sesame salt and cold food festival

- Jan 11, 2018 -

    The origins of sesame salt are closely related to the origin of the "Cold Food Festival." Cold Food Festival, also known as cooked food section, non-smoking section, cold section. The festival's main festival custom is to ban the fire, not cooking, can only eat cooked food, cold food, hence the name.

  Cold Food Festival comes from Jin Dynasties era, is to commemorate the Jin minister Gong son meson push. One year, civil strife in Jin took place. Someone conspired to kill the eldest son and wanted another son, Shen Sheng, to inherit the throne.

    The days of exile from exile in Jin were quite poor. One day, they lost their way in the mountains and could not find anything to eat for days. They cut their pieces and cooked them Heavy ears, ears are very touched.

    Earners and followers went abroad exile for nineteen years before returning to their homeland. After Jin Wengong took the throne, the people who followed him in exile got the rewards, and the mediation of Jin Wengong was totally out of God's will. Therefore, he disdains the petitions of those courtiers and goes to the mountain with her mother, Jin Wen Gong sent people to find everywhere, he avoided meeting. It was at this time that someone came up with a plan to set fire to Mt. Because the introduction of the media is a famous dutiful son, he will certainly run out carrying his mother did not expect the fire burned three days and nights, mediated by the push holding a big willow tree, was burned to death by a fire.

     Jin Wen Gong both sad and remorse, holding the bodies of the body to introduce the cry. Just about to be buried, found that after the introduction of the introduction of the tree in the hole, hidden in a skirt, the above blood to write a few lines:

     Flesh Feng Jun make Dan heart, I hope the ancestor often Qingming. .

     Willow finally do the ghost do not see, as strong as Jianjun with Jun.

     If Lord's heart has me, remember me always introspective.

    Chen Quan deserved in nine springs, diligent Qingming Fuqingming.

    When Jin Wengong finished reading it, she took the piece of clothing into her sleeves as her motto and changed the cotton mountain to Jieshan (Jieshan, in the county of Huxian in Shanxi Province). Descendants in order to commemorate the introduction of media, they banned the fireworks in the first two days of the Ching Ming Festival, all people are not allowed fire, eat cold porridge dry cake, the so-called cold food.

    Later, people in the annual Cold Food Festival, all boiled porridge rice, boiled eggs, baked pie, the fried sesame pressed into powder, add some seasoning made of sesame salt, with egg rolls, then sprinkle some sesame salt, eat Crisp delicious. Weixian name eat "Chaotian pot" that is used as an extension of this method of food has been popular so far.


sesame salt

use 100% pure sesame seeds(including white sesame seeds and black sesame seeds).People can eat it with bone , bread, pie and any other staple food.It is greenly food,has no chemical agents.We hope you love this ancient and healthy food.


Sesame salt cake

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