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The nutritive value of sesame paste

- Jun 25, 2018 -

1. sesame paste is rich in protein, fat and vitamins and minerals, and has high nutritional value.

2. the content of calcium in sesame sauce is more, and regular consumption is beneficial to the development of bones and teeth.

3. sesame paste containing iron is several times higher than pig liver and egg yolk. Regular consumption is not only for adjusting the partial food and anorexia.

Sesame paste

Sesame paste

It can play a positive role in correcting and preventing iron deficiency anemia.

4. sesame sauce is rich in lecithin to prevent premature hair whitening or falling off.

5. sesame sauce is also one of the ingredients of instant meat chafing dish. Good sesame sauce can play the role of flavour, which is the advantage of hot pot sesame paste.


Note: as the sesame paste is high in calories and fat, it is not suitable to eat more than 10 grams a day.

Tips: avoid choosing sesame sauce with too much oil in the bottle, because the less floating oil is, the more fresh it is.

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