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The main process of small grinding oil

- Jun 13, 2018 -

The main process of small grinding oil

    It is introduced that the biggest advantage of grinding mill is low temperature grinding. The whole process of grinding mill is only about 60--65 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, the main aromatic and functional nutrients in the oil are almost free from any loss. And the more it is sharpening. The next step is the most critical step. The materials that are grinded by the grinding process are called sauce embryos. In order to extract the oil, it is necessary to pour a certain proportion of high quality drinking water into the sauce, and the water and oil have different specific gravity. After repeated physical vibration, the water is replaced by the sauce from the sauce. This is the so-called water generation. There is no need to add any chemical solvent in the process of grinding sesame oil, so there is no residue of any chemical solvent. After the oil is removed, the rest is a mixture of water and sauce, sesame oil residue. This kind of food is not edible, but it is a good animal feed and plant fertilizer. It is usually used as chicken feed or pig feed.

Production of small scent oil by water

Stone grinding

    The low temperature and low pressure of the small mill oil in the stone grinding process, the process temperature is only 60 - 65 C, so it will not destroy the aromatic and functional nutrients in the fragrant oil, and the shelf life is longer at normal temperature. The mechanism of sesame oil in the production process produces 260 degrees of high temperature, most of the nutrients have been destroyed.

Water generation method for oil extraction

    It is easy to separate the oil embryos by using the high quality drinking water of 100 degrees. No chemical solvent is added to the oil extraction process, so no chemical solvent remains. At the same time, the water generation process makes the harmful heavy metals precipitate from the fragrant oil because of the large proportion of the heavy metals. Therefore, the oil produced by this method is completely healthy and is very suitable for three meals a day in the family's seasoning.

Identification method of purchase and identification of fragrant oil

    Color discrimination: pure fragrant oil is red or orange red, machine oil is lighter than small mill flavor oil, fragrant oil is mixed with rapeseed oil and dark yellow, and blended with cottonseed oil, the color is dark red.

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