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The magic of traditional sesame oil

- Nov 10, 2018 -

The  magic of  traditional sesame oil:Traditional Sesame Oil Manufacture

    1. Drink half a  tablespoon of sesame oil before going to bed every night and getting up  in the morning to treat bronchitis and constipation.

     2. When the fish bones are stuck in the esophagus, drink a little sesame oil and the fish bones can be discharged smoothly.

     3,  chronic rhinitis patients, with sterile cotton balls sesame oil applied  to the affected area of the nose, can significantly improve the  symptoms.

      4, sesame oil moisturizing effect can remove muscle tension, make the skin smooth and delicate, but also remove age spots.

      5, vitamin E and linolenic acid in sesame oil, can make dry hair moisturize and restore bright radiance.

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