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The difference between white sesame and black sesame

- Oct 06, 2018 -

     Chinese White Peeled Ripe Sesame: It is the seed of sesame seed of the genus Flax of the Family Flax. It is yellow and white in color, thin-skinned and fragrant, with high oil content and high oil content, and is often used for grinding and frying oil. Chinese Black Sesame Seeds: It is the black seed of sesame of flaxseed family, it contains a lot of fat and protein, sugar, vitamin and other nutrients. It has the functions of strengthening stomach, protecting liver, promoting red blood cell growth, and increasing melanin in the body, helping hair growth. Often used for flour milling.  Sesame has been known as a senior food for long life since ancient times. Sesame has two kinds: black and white. It is good for white sesame and medicinal black sesame. From nutritional science, black sesame and white sesame are all nutritious food. As far as fat is concerned, it can be considered as abundant and high quality

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