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The difference between Chinese white peeled ripe sesame and chinese black sesame seeds

- Jan 14, 2019 -

     Black sesame is a very common food. Its nutrition is very rich. So what are the functions and effects? There are two kinds of sesame seeds: black sesame and white sesame. What is the difference between them? There are many ways to eat black sesame. Let's take a look at what is there?

     The difference between Chinese white peeled ripe sesame and Chinese black sesame seeds.From the perspective of nutritional science, both black sesame and white sesame are nutritious foods. As far as fat is concerned, it can be regarded as a high volume and high quality. Chinese black sesame seeds has a fat content of 46%, white sesame is 40%, both of which are high in content; vitamin E content is high, black sesame is 50 mg%, Chinese white peeled ripe sesame  is 38 mg%; in terms of potassium and sodium ratio, black sesame is 43:1, white sesame seeds are 8:1, and eating black sesame seeds is good for preventing or relieving high blood pressure.
     Sesame is a high dietary fiber food.Sesame is a high dietary fiber food with 28% black sesame and 20% white sesame. This is obviously an important reason for sesame laxative. Sesame oil contains sesame oil, so it has a special aroma. Due to its high vitamin E content and anti-oxidation, regular consumption can eliminate free radicals and delay aging.
     Conclusion: The taste of black sesame seeds is very fragrant, and it has many benefits. It has a good health care effect, and black sesame seeds are better than white sesame seeds. There are many ways to eat black sesame seeds. It can be eaten directly or as a dish ornament.

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