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Sesame sowing

- Jul 28, 2017 -

1, sowing sowing sowing suitable sowing is late May to early June. Autumn sesame seeds suitable for sowing is in early July, midnight, in the case of good heat can be late in late July after the late.

2, sowing the amount of each mu with the amount of sowing for the 400 grams, the broadcast for the 350 grams, on demand for 250 grams. In the soil fertility, pests and diseases, high water content of the plots may be appropriate to broadcast.

3, sowing methods are broadcast, sowing and broadcast three. Sowing is the traditional way of planting in the JAC region, suitable for snatching soil. Sowing the seeds evenly evacuated, shallow cover, the emergence of fast, but not conducive to field management. The sowing can control the line spacing, the implementation of a reasonable close planting to facilitate interplanting and other field management, suitable for mechanized operation. On-demand 5-7 seeds per hole. No matter what kind of planting methods, shallow broadcast, broadcast, depth 2-3 cm is appropriate.

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