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Sesame planting factory teaches you how to stir fry black sesame seeds

- Aug 20, 2018 -

    Black sesame dumplings, black sesame pies, black sesame paste... Black sesame food always gives people a strong sense of sweetness and sweetness. However, to get these delicacies, we must first fry the black sesame seeds. So, how to stir fry the thick black sesame seeds, and what should we pay attention to during the frying process?

   First of all, let's wash the organic black sesame seeds bought. Prepare a sieve, put it into a basin, pour sesame seeds into the sieve, and let the water spread to sesame seeds. Don't think the black sesame oil is black and shiny. It looks very clean. It doesn't seem to need cleaning. In fact, as long as you look carefully, seemingly clean sesame always hide fine ash, and then dirty, will find some soil particles. That's because sesame seeds are so small that they inevitably mix with sand in the process of removing them from plants, so careful cleaning is a must.

   Stir the chopsticks to make the sesame seeds evenly filtered by water. Black sesame is fading, so don't be surprised to see the water darkening. But most of the water in the first time is cloudy because of the fine ash.Take out the sieve, pour out the water in the basin, and see a thin layer of ash on the bottom of the basin.

  After cleaning three times, the final water is very clear. There is no screen, can be used gauze or cotton cloth, wrapped in sesame, one hand holding mouth (not comfortable can be tied with a leather band tight mouth), one hand gently rubbed and washed, and then twisted dry. But the last piece of sticky sesame is hard to remove. Put the washed black sesame seeds on the rack to control the water.

   In the second step, we start to stir fry sesame seeds. Place a saucepan over medium and small fires, heat the pot and pour sesame seeds. Stainless steel screen is very smooth, sticky sesame edge, with a hand wipe, it is easy to remove clean, at this time the sesame is still very wet, do not worry, quickly stir-fry it. Sesame sticks to the shovel from time to time, because the sesame is still very wet, remove them in time, so as not to cook the pot, but they are still half-cooked. When the shovel does not stick to sesame seeds, it means that the moisture has been basically removed. At this point, stir frying must be frequent, so that sesame is evenly heated. Soon, sesame will crack. The key moment is coming. Hands must be busy. Sesame seeds begin to jump out. Do not worry. When they do not jump, there is a strong aroma coming from the nose, closing the fire. But don't relax. Sesame is still crackling. The pot is still hot. All the time, no noise was heard, and the heat that rushed up was also reduced.


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