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Sesame oil manufacturer talks about how to distinguish the true and false sesame oil

- Nov 02, 2018 -

     Sesame oil is also called  sesame oil. Many people like to put some food when cooking. Especially  when cooking cold vegetables, as long as a few drops have a strong  fragrance, it is very delicious. Then there are a wide variety of sesame oils on the market. How should we tell the true and false sesame oil?

     Here I teach you  three methods: The first one is the sniffing method. When we get a  bottle of pure small sesame oil, when we smell it in front of the nose,  it will have a mellow, rich, very special fragrance.
     However,  if it is inferior, it is mixed with peanut oil, cottonseed oil and  other oils. Its taste is very bad, and it will give off a smell. This is  a poor quality oil, not a pure small oil.
    Another  method is the freezing method, put a bottle of sesame oil in the  refrigerator to freeze, and then take it out at room temperature, and  find that this pure sesame oil melts faster, the inferior quality melts  slowly, and the color is still Yellow, this is inferior.
    We also have a method, that is, the shock method. We shake it with a bottle of sesame oil and shake it. The blistering disappears quickly and is pure, it is true.
    If the reaction is slow, and the bubble disappears slowly, the color changes. This is a poor quality sesame oil. These three methods can help you to identify true and false sesame oil.

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