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Sesame manufacturers teach you how to identify dyed black sesame seeds.

- Sep 28, 2018 -

    Some unscrupulous businessmen of black sesame will use chemical dyes to dye white sesame into 126-160G4225515_副本.jpgblack sesame to earn the middle price difference. Industry insiders said: Sesame dyeing is mostly for a good sale, long-term excessive intake of dyed black sesame, will certainly endanger health. It's a businessman who has no conscience. Many people buy black sesame seeds to eat in order to preserve their health. Instead, they spend money and take some coloring agents. So friends who buy sesame must pay attention to it.
     1, the appearance of dyeing black sesame. Normal black sesame seeds will slightly fade after immersion in water, but the color will not be too deep. The natural pigment in black sesame is dissolved in water through a process, so raw black sesame will not fade quickly in cold water at room temperature, except for aged black sesame.
    2. Identification method of dyed black sesame: put raw black sesame into cold water, if it fades quickly, it is likely to be dyed. In addition, because only the seed coat of black sesame is black, the endosperm part is still white, you can use a knife to cut black sesame to see if the inside is white. Black sesame can also be placed in the palm of the hand, if the palm appears black soon, black sesame is likely to be stained.

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