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Sesame characteristics

- Jul 28, 2017 -

The whole plant grows with hair. Stems upright, about 1 meter high, above the next round. Racemes terminal, flowers solitary, or two or three clusters borne in leaf axils. Cylindrical, lip, pink, purple, white. Due to different varieties, the length of the box-shaped capsule has a range of 4.6.8. Seeds oblate, white, yellow, brown or black, white seeds with high oil content, black seeds medicine, sweet and plain, with Bugan Yishen, Runzao laxative power. Sesame oil contains a lot of essential fatty acids, linoleic acid content of up to 43.7%, than vegetable oil, peanut oil are high. Sesame seeds, leaves, flowers can be extracted aromatic oil.

Small grinding made of sesame oil, aroma, in the international market selling well. In addition, with the famous sesame sauce is also in short supply.

Sesame flower in the nectary, it is rapeseed, buckwheat and known as China's three major nectar crops, the quality of sesame honey for the superior.

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