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Scientific use of sesame with you

- Jan 22, 2018 -

     Black sesame paste is delicious. Beijing residents often use it for cold dish sauce and boiled mutton sauce. It is also used for noodles, pancakes, fire and other noodles. It can also be used to make noodles sauce. Many people think that with butter, Cheese sauce and peanut butter wipe bread, is a stylish way to eat, and squirrel wipe bread, is a very earthy way to eat. Few families eat this way nowadays. Nowadays, children do not know that they can still eat this way.

       In fact, from the nutritional point of view, the fact is the opposite. Butter is a high-fat, high-saturated fat, high-cholesterol food, with high saturated fats and cholesterol; some marketed peanut butter is added with hydrogenated vegetable oil; and sesame paste is a genuine, highly nutritious food. Its fatty acid composition is reasonable, but also contains a powerful anti-oxidant ingredients sesamol.

       Many people think that using noodles with red oil or noodles with sweet sauce like North Korean noodles is enough to eat deliciously. In fact, compared with the nutrition of sesame sauce, they are really not an order of magnitude opponents. Old Beijing people make sesame sauce, but also put a little vinegar, garlic juice and a little mustard oil, fresh and delicious to eat, but also help to inhibit germs, summer is to help supplement the nutrition of good condiments.


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