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Identify the sesame oil ways by customers

- Jun 14, 2018 -

When buying sesame oil, consumers can also identify it from the following aspects:

1.A look at the color: pure sesame oil is pale red or red with yellow, if mixed with other oil, the color is different. The rapeseed oil was dark yellow, and the cottonseed oil was dark red. For products with other vegetable oils, the water test method can also be used: with chopsticks, a drop of fragrant oil is dripped to the calm surface of the water. The pure oil will show a thin, thin, thin, thin oil flower, and the adulteration will produce a smaller oil flower.

2.Two look at transparency: good quality essential oils are transparent and have no turbidity.

3.Three see whether there is sediment: good quality precipitate free and suspended solids, viscosity is small.

4.Four see whether there is stratification: sesame oil is quite sensitive to temperature, so it is possible to stratification at lower temperatures. If there are layers at normal temperature and no apparent increase in viscosity at 0 C, (national standards are stored at zero degrees centigrade at 5.5 in freezing test, not frozen as qualified), it is likely to be adulterated mixed oil. If there is no stratification at any temperature, it indicates that antifreeze additives are added to the sesame oil.

5.Five check: to seriously check its trademark, pay attention to the expiration date and the factory date, no factory name, factory site, quality standard code, we must be particularly vigilant. Special attention should be paid to its raw materials or ingredients (especially in small size).

6.Six look at the price: reference sesame price, general 2.5~3 Jin sesame sesame seed out of a jin of sesame oil, the price is too low is obviously the essence of blending fake sesame oil!


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