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How to do a small bowl of sesame salt at home

- Sep 07, 2017 -

    Do you want to try fresh sesame salt?Pick up the bowl, buy sesame raw materials, at home will be able to enjoy the delicious sesame salt.Now let's start making it.

1.Choose the color you want, fresh raw black sesame or white sesame, stir in the pot.


   Stir fry sesame seeds in the process of not too much fire, if you use the Induction Cooker non-fire cooking tools, it is recommended to choose 120 degrees, stir fry 5 minutes.

2.Put the fried cooked sesame seeds into the mashed containers, the best choice of porcelain or marble material containers.Stone will be slowly mashed out.If your area is really not able to buy stone utensils, you can buy a template and wooden shaft, later can also be used to make dumpling skin. If you are using a wooden shaft, you can put the fried sesame on the board and then crush the sesame with a wooden shaft.


3.Pour the sesame seeds into a small bowl and add the fine salt to stir. If you can not buy the fine salt, you can repeat the above steps, pour the salt together into the utensils, about 10 minutes, sesame salt is completed.

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