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Delicious food, sesame paste you eat right?

- Sep 20, 2018 -

Effect of edible sesame paste

    1. Calcium supplement.

     Sesame paste placed in food not only makes people mouthful fragrant, but also has higher calcium content than beans and vegetables. 10 grams of Chinese white sesame paste is equivalent to 30 grams of tofu calcium content, protein content is also higher than meat food, can be said to be the "king of calcium supplements".

    2.Reduce blood lipids.

    Sesame paste is rich in linoleic acid, linoleic acid because it can reduce blood cholesterol, is very important, and "vascular scavenger" reputation.

    3. Nourish the skin.

    Linoleic acid in sesame paste can not only reduce blood lipids, it is also known as "creatine", when the human body is lack of linoleic acid, easy to cause dry skin and growth retardation. Therefore, moderate consumption of sesame paste can also nourish the skin.

    4.Protect beautiful hair.

    Sesame paste is also rich in lecithin content, lecithin is a very important substance for brain nerve activity, often eat can also nourish hair follicles, prevent premature whitening and hair loss.

Blood products: sesame paste also contains relatively rich iron and folic acid. Iron and folic acid are indispensable ingredients for hematopoiesis.

    5.nourishing blood products.

    Sesame paste also contains relatively rich iron and folic acid. Iron and folic acid are indispensable ingredients for hematopoiesis.

    6. Prevention of diabetes and hypertension.

    Sesame paste with high content of zinc and potassium, these two minerals in the prevention and treatment of diabetes and hypertension have a good role: zinc participates in the synthesis and degradation of insulin; and potassium has the role of relaxing blood vessels, promoting sodium excretion, is conducive to healthy blood pressure.

    7. antioxidant, anti-distortion.

    Sesame paste there are two vitamins can not be omitted, one is vitamin E, one is folic acid. The former has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, so often eating sesame paste can improve the body's disease resistance, postpone aging; and folic acid is not only the raw material for hematopoiesis, but also an indispensable nutrient for fetal neural tube development. Women eat sesame paste every day when they are ready to conceive and stick to it until the third month of pregnancy to avoid neural tube deformities.

Taboo for eating sesame paste:

    1. People with chronic enteritis and diarrhea symptoms should not eat sesame, because sesame has diarrhea effect.

    2. Severe obesity should not be eaten with sesame paste.

    3.ordinary people eat sesame paste, one day in two scoops or 10 grams or better. Because sesame sauce has a high fat content, people who want to lose weight or fat should eat less. For people with coronary heart disease and high blood fat, you can eat less vegetable oil or oily food while eating sesame paste.


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