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Choose a good sesame raw materials to eat healthy

- Sep 27, 2017 -

   Shermark selected fruit particles large, no impurities Jiujiang sesame as raw materials, after high temperature sterilization treatment, cooked into a deep fragrant black sesame seeds.Sesame raw materials do not add any preservatives, 9 months of storage shelf life, to ensure that the original sesame seeds.


    Whether it is as raw materials directly or grinding into powder, made sesame salt seasoning, good raw materials to give you the ingredients are not the same taste.Sesame is actually as a kind of spices everywhere in our lives, whether it is Asian food Korean barbecue or we talked about the Wuhan hot noodles, whether it is Western cakes and other pastry or Oriental cake dessert, all can enjoy the release sesame aroma.

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    If you want to buy our high quality sesame raw materials or other processed sesame food, you can visit our official website to browse for more information.

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