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Chinese sesame producers talk about black sesame seeds can be eaten raw?

- Oct 08, 2018 -

     Scientific basis? Let's first analyze the nutrition of black sesame:
     Nutrients  per 100 grams of calories 531.00 calories carbohydrates 24.00 grams of  fat 46.10 grams of protein 19.10 grams of cellulose 14.00 grams of  vitamin A (micrograms) vitamin C (mg) vitamin E (mg) 50.40 carotene  (micrograms) thiamine (mg )  0.66 riboflavin (mg) 0.25 niacin (mg) 5.90 Roasted Black Sesame Seedcholesterol (mg) magnesium  (mg) 290.00 calcium (mg) 780.00 iron (mg) 22.70 zinc (mg) 6.13 copper  (mg) 1.77 manganese (mg) 17.85 potassium (mg) 358.00 phosphorus (mg) 516.00 sodium (mg) 8.30 selenium (microgram) 4.70
     We  often say that some foods should be cooked well, for example, carrots,  because they contain vitamin A, which is fat-soluble vitamins, and  carrots have no oil, so the way of oil frying can increase the  utilization of vitamin A, thereby increasing Its nutritional value.
       But  sesame seeds contain oils and fats. We also extract sesame oil.  Therefore, fat-soluble vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin E, and carotene are  not considered for their absorption, and you see, these vitamins account  for a small part, except Vitamin  E, which is the commonality of oily foods including nuts, vitamin E is  also called tocopherol, which is good for humans who want to have  babies, and can also delay menopause, and can also be antioxidant and  black hair.
       The  value of sesame is its high-quality protein, as well as high-quality  cholesterol. It contains oils that are healthy vegetable oils, in other  words, more unsaturated fatty acids. In addition, the mineral content is also a lot, these do not need to distinguish between cooked or raw, can be well absorbed.
        In  addition to vitamin E, the content of other vitamins is very small, so  you do not have to worry about vitamins oxidizing at high temperatures  and not being absorbed by humans.
       But  one thing to note is that the sesame seeds are small and there is a  layer of skin on the outside. Therefore, if you eat raw and chewed, it  is easy to eat some without chewing, affecting digestion and absorption,  so try to use raw ground as much as possible. After eating, if you mix the broken pieces of peanuts and walnuts, the taste will be even better!
      If  you have chronic enteritis, loose diarrhea, it is best not to eat  sesame seeds, it is best to eat cooked, this is from the point of view  of digestion and absorption, although the nutrition is not lost, but the  sesame itself has a layer of skin outside, the stomach is not good Humans may not be able to digest, and finally pull out is such a layer of skin, so it is not recommended to eat raw.
      If  the gastrointestinal function is good, there is no problem in eating  raw and cooked. Of course, if it is cooked, it is more fragrant. If it  is used as a medicine to insist on taking it, it is easier to stick to  sesame.

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