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Chinese sesame producers briefly introduce how to choose black sesame seeds?

- Jan 05, 2019 -

      Chinese Black Sesame Seeds is much more complicated to choose than Chinese White Peeled http://img3.99114.com/group3/M00/4A/BC/rBADvVs1j-mAFFlyAABW6BkPZqQ607.jpgRipe Sesame. Now there are dyed Chinese Black Sesame Seeds on the market, so Xiaobian advises everyone to polish their eyes when purchasing and carefully identify them.

     1. Identify from the color. Natural black sesame has different maturity when harvested, and the color is black and not bright, and it is a bit dark and dark in shades. The dyed black sesame has a uniform color and a darker color.
      2. Identify from the taste. Natural black sesame has a strong aroma and no odor, while the dyed black sesame has a bad mouthfeel and it is difficult to taste.
      3. Use your fingers to take a piece of black sesame and use your fingers to remove the tip, which is where http://img3.99114.com/group3/M00/39/BB/rBADvFr9KoaAL1F5AABh4cLA0Wc995.jpgthe black sesame sprouts, ie the germ. Natural black sesame seeds have a white tip (or yellow) of the tip size, while the dyed black sesame does not have this. point".
      4. Put a few drops of water into the palm of your hand, put a few black sesame seeds, and use the fingers of the other hand to smash the black sesame. The melanin in the natural black sesame belongs to the flavonoid anthocyanins (acidic ethanol extract) or catechol-type organisms. Macromolecules (alkaline water extract) will not fade quickly when placed in cold water at normal temperature. Although the blisters will appear slightly discolored, the color is brown; while the dyed black sesame will quickly fall deep black or dark brown.     

      5. Use a piece of wet tissue to wrap a few black sesame seeds. After a few simmers, the natural black sesame will not leave a different color on the paper towel; the stained black sesame will fade. I don't know if you have learned it. When you buy black sesame seeds, you may wish to try it.

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