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Chinese sesame oil manufacturer analyzes sesame cultivation methods

- Oct 22, 2018 -

     1.Selection of good varieties: Good varieties are the internal causes of high yield. In  recent years, there have been excellent performances such as Ezhi No.1,  Zhizhi No.2, Yuzhi No.4, Zhongzhi No.7, Zhongzhi No.8, Zhongzhi No.10  and Black Sesame Zhongzhi No.9. They  have good comprehensive properties, yields of more than 100 kg per mu,  and are highly adaptable and can be planted everywhere.https://gss0.baidu.com/-4o3dSag_xI4khGko9WTAnF6hhy/zhidao/wh%3D600%2C800/sign=a349f0d59116fdfad839cee884bfa06c/eaf81a4c510fd9f9d38c5e97292dd42a2934a4b0.jpg      2, rotation for change: sesame continuous cropping, will make the disease worse. According  to the survey, the sesame seed is continuously cropped for 1 year, the  incidence rate of the field is over 50%, and the continuous cropping is  as high as 80% in 2 years. Therefore,  it is best to carry out crop rotation for 3 to 4 years with crops such  as corn, sweet potato, soybean, sorghum and cotton.
     3,  the reform of the ditch: sesame is not resistant to waterlogging, it is  easily infected by the disease after the stain, and the root growth and  development is bad, especially in the later stage, it is easy to be  blown down by the wind. Therefore,  it should be leveled as a deep groove narrow box, so that the field can  both clarify the water and filter the dark spots, and the sesame can  grow normally. The  general width is 1.5 to 2 meters, the width of the compartment is about  30 centimeters, and the depth of the trench should be deeper than the  tillage layer.
     4,  double-layer seeding: Under the premise of early sowing, the  implementation of "grazing double-layer seeding", that is, after the  land is ploughed, immediately seeded a layer of seeds, then broadcast a  layer of seeds, and finally carry out horizontal and straight Cross the corners and smash the soil. The  advantage of this kind of sowing is that when the dry land is dry, the  bottom seed can absorb the water and be unearthed on time; when the  rainy day is full, the upper layer of the seed can be completely  emerged. It can do double insurance for drought and rain, and ensure that all seedlings are planted once.
      Disease  control of sesame: mainly: blight, anthracnose and powdery mildew. When  it occurs, it can be controlled by carbendazim, thiophanate, mancozeb,  and the pests are mainly tigers, mites, noctuids, etc. Chlorpyrifos and imidacloprid pesticide control.
      Expanding information: sesame planting time:The suitable sowing date for summer sesame seeds is from late May to early June. The  suitable sowing date for autumn sesame seeds is early and mid-July, and  in the case of better heat, it can be late in late July.

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