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China sesame supplier deciphering sesame history

- Sep 26, 2018 -

    Sesame is the leader of four edible oil crops in China. Its seed oil content is as high as 61%. Since ancient u=287099568,2528673518&fm=26&gp=0.jpgtimes, there have been many famous special foods and delicious dishes made of sesame seeds and sesame oil in China, which have been famous all over the world.
     Sesame is originally called flax, according to legend, it was introduced into China in the Western Han Dynasty when Zhang Qian passed through the western regions. According to scientific research, sesame is native to Yunnan Guizhou Plateau. Ancient sesame seeds were found in the Qianshan Yangneolithic site in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, and the prehistoric site in Paddy Field, Hangzhou, proving that China is the home of sesame.
      Sesame is an annual herb of the family sesame, with entire hairs. Stems erect, about 1 m tall, above the lower circle. Racemes terminal, flowers solitary or two or three clusters clustered in leaf axils. Cylindrical, lipped, pale red, purple, white. The length of the long cylindrical capsule varies from 4 to 6 and 8. The seeds are oblate, white, yellow, brown red or black. The oil content of the white seeds is higher. The black seeds are used as medicine. The taste is sweet and the nature is flat.

   白色芝-93549142.jpg  Sesame oil contains a large number of essential fatty acids, linoleic acid content as high as 43.7%, higher than vegetable oil, peanut oil. Sesame stems, leaves and flowers can be extracted aromatic oil.
     The sesame oil made from small mill has a strong aroma and sells well in the international market. In addition, the sesame paste with the same name is also in short supply.
     There are nectaries in sesame flower. It is called the three major nectar crops in China together with rape and buckwheat. The quality of sesame honey is the best.

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