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China black sesame factory Secret black sesame selection tips

- Sep 21, 2018 -

      Sesame is a kind of plant seeds, it contains a lot of protein, and melanin, which is also because people often say that eating sesame hair will be black, sesame can also be made into a variety of food, so black sesame purchasing skills do you know what? Now let's learn from Xiaobian.

     When choosing and purchasing, we should pay attention to the identification of true and false black sesame, find out a black sesame, look at the color of the part of the fracture, if the part of the fracture is black, that is, dyeing; if the part of the fracture is white, that is, this black sesame is true. When people buy black sesame, they can use wet handkerchiefs or paper towels to distinguish the true from the false. If they can't rub the color on the wet paper towels, they are genuine, otherwise they may be fake. The real black sesame tastes not bitter, but slightly sweet, with sesame aroma and no odor; the dyed black sesame has a strange oil smell, or an abnormal taste other than sesame aroma, and is bitter.


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