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Analysis of Sesame Nutrition

- Jul 28, 2017 -

1, sesame seeds contain a lot of fat and protein, as well as dietary fiber, vitamin B1.B2. Niacin, vitamin E, lecithin, calcium, iron, magnesium and other nutrients; sesame linoleic acid has the role of regulating cholesterol.

2, sesame seeds are rich in vitamin E, can prevent the lipid peroxidation of the skin, offset or neutralize the accumulation of harmful substances in the accumulation of harmful substances, can make the skin white and moist, and to prevent a variety of skin inflammation.

3, sesame seeds also have the effect of nourishing, you can treat the skin dry, rough, so that the skin delicate and smooth, red luster.

4. Sesame content in the most, as the main component of vitamin e, and often known as the prevention of aging vitamins. It is to improve blood circulation, promote metabolism has a very good effect. There are unsaturated fatty acids linoleic acid, it has the function of regulating cholesterol, which is also known as "the source of nutrition forever."

5. Sesame contained in the rich lecithin and linoleic acid, not only can treat atherosclerosis, Bunao, enhance memory, but also to prevent premature hair white, shedding and beauty moisturizing, maintain and restore youthful effect

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