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Binzhou City Shermark Sesame Oil Technology Co.,Ltd

Binzhou City Shermark Sesame Oil Technology Co.,Ltd is lacated in Bincheng District, Yellow River Road No.12, Huatuo Building 7F, Binzhou, Shandong, China, and our factory and plantations are located in east of Fengpu Diqing street wudi country,Shandong province.

Shermark pure sesame oil,pure sesame paste,roasted sesame seeds,roasted sesame powder have passed the national QS food safety certification,the international food quality SGS testing Quality certification,HACCP food safety system certification ,the Islamic、Association of HALAL food certification.Shermark sessame foods use the Chinese traditional skill,from raw materials into the finished product,after 12 processes strict testing to ensure that the products meet national standards and export standards.Let the consumers eat safety,eat nutrition,eat healthy,Shermark is committed to creating China’s pure sesame oil,pure sesame paste leading brand.


Our company has used the traditional process”aqueous extraction”to produce stone mill sesame oil,the annual processing capacity is more than 5000 tons,the products sales well over than 20 provinces and cities in China and also export to the US,Russia ,Japan,Korea,UK etc more than 10 countries.blob.png

Here are our main products:

jiang.gif 白芝麻.gif

黑芝麻.gif 香油.gif

what we produce:




                         seame oil                  black seame seed               white sesame seed



            white sesame paste             black sesame sauce               white sesame salt


We choose high-quality sesame field.


    The whole process of sesame oil manufacturing temperature are controlled at 60 - 65 degrees Celsius.The proper temperature preserves the aroma and nutrients of sesame seeds.


     In the process of making sesame oil, we take the water method to take oil, using high-quality drinking water, making use of the characteristics of water and oil to separate incompatibilities and easily separating the sesame oil. Therefore, we do not add any other chemical additives in the production process, sesame oil is a pure natural food.


our Stone plate model

Sesame is a plant of the thermophilic ,North latitude 37 degree is suitable for planting.Wudi country ,as the main field of eco-economic area of Yellow river delta,is exact on that latitude.The loam and irrigation water are rich in nutrient elements,the sunshine for a long time , the large temperature difference between day and night.The growth cycle of the sesame planted here is 20 days longer than other areas,so it can be form a special kind of yellow river delta sesame,rich of nutritions.

Our concept: Shermark promise to all consumers

·All sesame foods without any additives

·100% of the Chinese traditional skill

·100% pure sesame oil,pure sesame paste ,high-tech enterprise

If you are interested in our factory, you can contact us in the following ways:


Mail: koko@shermark.com  roger@shermark.com

Net work: www.topsesameoil.com

Facebook: Ko Ko hekmatyar or you can visit our home page  @Shermark sesame oil